Get to know our team at Miriwn
  • Website Design

    The Mirwin team loves building beautiful websites. We use semantic markup to describe data and present it in an attractive design.

  • Software Development

    Mirwin builds custom applications for your industrial needs, from forecasting simulation software to streamlined ordering terminals.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We at Mirwin know how to structure our HTML to emphasize your keywords and ensure your sites make the top of relevant search results. Our designs stray away from the style of text embedded in pictures favored by other web design studios.

  • Wordpress Themes

    Mirwin writes standard HTML4/5 and CSS code that you can read and feel comfortable editing. Our code renders attractively in all modern browsers. We can create a whole new identity for your site with a few simple changes.

  • Web Hosting

    Simple and scalable, our servers can take a slashdotting with breaking a sweat.

  • Drupal Plugins

    Justin wrote the first OpenID plugin for Drupal (version 5.0), so we feel we know a thing or two about hacking on our ol’ friend Drupal. Custom themes, plugins and well-tuned settings can make for a powerful and simple to maintain website for large organizations.

  • Open Source

    Software like Linux and Apache have become staples of scalable modern server design. And we like to leverage the collective bug-hunting experience of our fellow geek whenever possible. That is why our expertise is in tuning and deploying well-tested Open Source technologies.

  • Social Networking

    Trendy buzzword? Yes. But we are social creatures, and the electronic water cooler takes the form of link-sharing in status updates and retweeting memes to friends lists. Embrace the semantic web with your next web project.

  • Valid HTML + CSS

    Valid code means consistent viewing between web browsers. We care about the quality of our product to the core and messy markup is not acceptable.

  • Social Media

    Creating content that goes viral takes technical and social know-how. Mirwin has been around the Internet long enough to know how to get you there.

  • Cloud Computing

    Scalable, flexible, on-demand web apps take a level of service colocation hosting can't easily provide.

  • Concept to Reality

    We specialize in taking your ideas and bringing them to life. You don't need to know the buzzwords, just the end-goal. We can help you get there.

  • Software Bugs

    Bugs are tricky. Software crashes. Accidents happen. More important than avoiding problems is learning from the mistakes. Mirwin encourages 100% code coverage for automated testing. A bug isn't fixed until a test is written that demostrates the problem in the old version, and passes successfully in a new version. We are dedicated to bug-free products.

  • Platform Agnostic

    We speak computers, not just a dialect or two of Windows or Linux. Back in our day, we made NT 4 speak Appletalk and Linux play nice with Active Directory... uphill, both ways, in the snow and we liked it. Nowadays, we can deploy Apache on Debian just as easily as Windows. At Mirwin, we use the right tool for the job.

  • Rapid Iteration

    We know that a long build process and slow turn-around time leads to failed projects, that's why we're not "those guys". Our process keeps you in the loop and gets projects out the door.

  • Backups

    We make multi-site, automated backups with periodic testing. We know that the best backup plan is to backup the backup plan. Your files are safe with us.

  • Fix Your Computer Problems

    We have over a decade of experience in troubleshooting, supporting and maintaing workstations and servers in a variety of configurations and formats. If you've got problems, we've got solutions.

  • Remote Monitoring and Managing

    Our servers are our lifeblood, so we keep an close eye on them. We remotely manage, reboot and monitor all our servers, and have automated failover for when problems do arise.

  • Phone Support

    Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Sending an email and waiting for a reply just doesn't cut it. Often, we can fix the problem while on the phone with you to make sure you're happy with it. No long waits, no automated phone systems, no bottom-tier support hoops to jump through. You talk directly to us, we work directly for you.

  • Mobile and Desktop

    Computing is an ever-changing world of devices. From smartphones and tablets to workstations and blade clusters, we can design scalable, useful systems for your needs.



The Team at Mirwin

Andrew McConkie Designer

Andrew is our multimedia powerhouse.  His work includes photography, illustration, video and print/web design. The degree in New Media Communications from OSU doesn't hurt, either. Andrew hones his photochop skills by wielding a Wacom pen like a ninja might wield a katana.

Justin Gallardo Developer

Before he co-founded Mirwin, Justin worked as a developer at a top-tier cloud hosting company and a leading Internet technology Foundation. He has made significant contributions back to the Open Source community while at the OSL (like Maintain, Drupal and Watch & Listen) and later to coordinate the development of BeaverSource.

Michael Burns Designer

Michael is co-founder and web designer at Mirwin. He has worked in the public and non-profit sectors while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He received the Snort Security Scholarship in 2008 for his work at OSU's Network Engineering Team.